We are more direct on our services now. We will no longer respond to people with offers you can not make an offer for money that is not yours. secondly we have the software if we need money we hack it. you can not pay us for our service. We have provided 3 ways to help you do a hack (1) to pay a membership regulation fee of $100 and get a free software to recover your private key. (We have already heard your story about fake software so we have come up with another option )

(2) A manual hack which we will provide you with instructions to do the hack yourself and not need to use our software. this way you will also need to generate the transactions needed to retrieve  the key and make the main address barren. so you will not pay for this guide and instructions but you will need money in your wallet so app broke people please go away.  With this method you will  do all yourself we will most probably guide you trough WhatsAPP  us

And we have also made a pack for this to reduce the work but available at a fee of $60. there is no chance we are  going to talk with the group of people looking to share 50% of money they do not own.

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